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I am new to iReports.

1. How do I create customized templates for Reports ?( the xml files which are in the templates folder)

2. Can I specify more than one sql query in a report ?

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2 Answers:

1. You can start modifying one of those present in the template folder.
(you can find an entire chapter about that in the iReport manual).

2. You can use only one query per jrxml. But you can define subdataset (with a different query) to fill charts and crosstab, and using subreports you can add portions of reports filled with other queries too.

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I basically have the same question as OP, and your reply doesn't help me much unfortunately. I'm using the NB Standalone version 3.1.0 and I have The Definitive Guide to iReport (paper edition) and I'm looking in Chapter 12 under the Custom Templates section. I see where it says I can the MyTemplate[C|T].xml files into the templates directory, except I don't know where the templates directory is!! I have placed the files in the $HOME\Application Data\.ireport\dev\config\Templates\ directory and still couldn't get access to them via the Report Wizard. I have also tried adding them through Tools->Templates and hitting Add... and placing them in the Report folder. Still no luck, even after restarting iReport.


I have found that documentation for iReport, especially for the new NB version (standalone or module) is pretty skimpy, especially for basic things like this. I want to use iReport and JasperReports, but right now it seems to be pretty hard for me to figure out how to do what I would consider to be basic things. Is there any real effort to try and improve the state of the documentation?

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