Problems in creating TOC in jasperReports

By: Ganesh Ram N - ganeshram
Problems in creating TOC in jasperReports
2003-11-24 22:34
I tried to create table of contents for my reports using the sample give by jasper. But i face problems while generating pdf file. There is a mismatch in the anchor expression that is being set. The anchor expression that i set is a combination of groupname, field value and page number. While building a pdf report i get an error message saying that anchor that you have set does not have a destination.
This happen during pagends alone. ie an anchor gets set something like "group_10_Value" where 10 is the page number. But the group header gets displayed in the 11th page. I have tried setting isSplitAllowed and isPrintInFirstWholeBand with appropriate values. I have also tried setting "minHeightToStartNewPage" with a proper value. It doesn't seem to work. I face this problem if i have more than one level in the TOC. Has any one been successful trying TOC using JasperReports demo????
Need your help. Thanks in advance....

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2 Answers:

Where can I find this TOC demo to which you are referring?

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Download the latest jasper reports source code. You will find it in the demo folder. There are several examples. TOC is one of them.

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