How to fasten a jasperreport

By: Robert Einsle - reinsle
How to fasten a jasperreport
2003-11-10 10:09
Hy All

long time ago i asked this forum how to fasten an Jasperreport, but until now i don't have the Time to look about it.

But an Print takes much to long.

How can i look about whats going wrong??
No, it's not my application, i looked about it, but it takes long time, from starting Jasper to get the first printout.



By: Tyrell Perera - tyrell_perera
RE: How to fasten a jasperreport
2003-11-20 02:57
This is NOT a problem with Jasper reports. The problem is with the Java Print API. If your print job contains anything other than simple graphics (lines etc.. are simple while gif,jpg are not ...), Java Print API will convert the entire job to a high resolution graphic and submit to the printer as a graphics print job. Hence the time latency.

You can see this cleary in Windows, by monitoring the printers spool. The same report however, if generated and sent without complex graphics, will print at the normal speed.

Hope this helps..


By: Prem - premb007
RE: How to fasten a jasperreport
2003-11-20 03:37
This is not directly related to this thread. However, I have a problem where the same report is printed differently on Linux & Windows. I understand there will be a difference in the fonts but what is not explainable is that the A4 sized report gets truncated at the top in case of Linux. Following is the xml file snippet

<jasperReport name="LabelsInDetail" pageWidth="595" pageHeight="842" columnWidth="270" columnSpacing="5" leftMargin="10" rightMargin="0" topMargin="0" bottomMargin="0" columnCount="2" printOrder="Horizontal">

Any suggestions will be of help.

Also if there are best practices to handle font issues between Windows/Linux as well as Pdf fonts will be of help
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