Installing on Mac OSX help

By: Josh Carlson - josh_carlson
Installing on Mac OSX help
2003-07-09 22:17
Hello all -

I'm interested in using JasperReports for creating reports using MySQL data on my macOSX machine. Looking at Jaspers site, I can't seem to get the installation process (newbie to this type of app). Plus, I'm not sure if I need to install all the required additional software (xml, etc..) or not. If someone here could be so kind as to layout the installation steps on a Mac OSX box (and possibly the iReport frontend) it would be most appreciated!

Thanks in advance! - Josh

By: Jason Essington - essington
RE: Installing on Mac OSX help
2003-07-18 12:52
JasperReports works just fine on OS X. basically just add the jasperReports.jar file and the .jar files in lib/ dir to your class path.

I have not had much luck with iReport on OS X. It appears that there are some ui issues on the mac that prevent it from working properly yet. I haven't had the time to mess with it and file bug reprts.


By: Josh Carlson - josh_carlson
RE: Installing on Mac OSX help
2003-07-18 19:46
Thanks Jason -

Actually I have been discussing the iReport issues on OSX with the developer and he is working on a fix. If interested, either check the forum for iReport or I can post here when he fixes it.

- Josh
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