eXtending JRViewer

By: Suraj Amin - suraj_amin
eXtending JRViewer
2003-03-22 00:20

I have a peculiar problem. I need to replace the Reload function from just reloading from the jasperPrint obect to refilling the data and displaying refreshed data from the db.
I also need to add more buttons to the toolbar like Save As PDF, XSL, etc.
How do I go about doing the above?

Suraj Amin

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By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: eXtending JRViewer
2003-03-22 05:08


If you take a look at the "webapp" sample,
you can see that the applets there extend the JRViewer.
On of them adds a button to the toolbar and changes the zoom ratio list.

A similar approach could be taken to do what you need.

I hope this helps.
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