How to convert to HTML without pictures?

By: Yuriy Stepanyuk - ystep
How to convert to HTML without pictures?
2003-03-21 11:29
When I convert “.jprint” to “.html” reporter creates subfolder for “.html” related files.
Even though I donÂ’t have any pictures on my report it inserts plenty picture links in .html.
Now I use servlet to stream .html to a client.
For security reasons I can not make report available on web server directly.
Client receives ugly report with empty picture boxes.
How to convert without pictures?

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: How to convert to HTML without pictures?
2003-03-21 14:13


Even if you don't have images in your report,
the built-in HTML exporter always use a 1 pixel
transparent image to prefectly align elements
on the page.
This way, the HTML content looks very much like
the PDF output, except for the lines, rectangles and

If you don't want any image, I'm afraid you have
to create an HTML exporter of your own.
This should not be too hard since you can reuse
much of the existing exporter's code.

Before doing that, you might take a look at the
"webapp" sample provided and see that it generates
HTML content and streams it on-the-fly, using
a special servlet to stream also the images.
There are no files generated on disk, so maybe
you can avoid your restrictions this way.

I hope this helps.
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