detail band, dummy groups

By: Stefan G  ng - bishop3337
detail band, dummy groups
2003-03-21 01:57
i use jasperreports 0.4.5 and iReport 0.0.9

i found the common problem with having multiple sections in the detail band and the proposed solution to it using dummy groups. this works just fine, but isn't it a dirty solution? groups are as their name says used to group something, not to enlarge the detail area.
i placed some static text and some filelds that appear once in the whole record in the detail2header (the detail2 group "groups" ths detail band) and my subreport (often repeated, multiple pages) into the detail band. when i would place the fields and the subreport together in the detail band the subreport does only use the space on the following pages partially.
isn't there a better solution for the problem than to abuse the dummygroupheaders/footers?

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: detail band, dummy groups
2003-03-21 04:34


Given the way the engine works today,
splitting the large bands into smaller ones
is the only solution.

We could enhance this splitting mechanism
so that we don't talk about dummy groups but
rather about some kind of a special element called
"splitter" (a horizontal invisible line that you could
insert into the band).

If you do not split a large band, one side effect is
that when this band overflows, you get some
unused white space on the next page.

Thank you,

By: Stefan G  ng - bishop3337
RE: detail band, dummy groups
2003-03-21 05:25
thank you!
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