appending to a PDF file

By: Tzanko - tsanstef
appending to a PDF file
2002-11-06 09:16
Hi Teodor,

I have a pdf file generated by another system. I would like to produce a report with Jasper and APPEND it to the existing PDF? Is this possible and if so what is the way to do it?
Thank you in advance!


By: Paulo Soares - psoares33
RE: appending to a PDF file
2002-11-06 09:27
This is a really an iText question best answered in the iText list but I'll give you some hints. iText can create a new pdf document with page contents from other pdf documents. Only the contents are imported, links and bookmarks are not imported for the moment. You import the pages from your first document and then import the pages from the previously generated (to disk or memory) jasper report.
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