Trying subreport sample in webApp

By: Uniq - uniq_2002
Trying subreport sample in webApp
2002-10-29 02:15

i am trying your sample subreport in web application.

and my problem is :
(1). in java class :
JasperCompileManager.compileReportToFile ("MasterReport.xml");
i must write the 3 xml in there in 1 class ??

(2).in jsp file :
File reportFile = new File(application.getRealPath("/MasterReport.jasper"));
i must write the 3 xml too in 1 jsp file ??

because after i build *.jasper for every *.xml
and then i run the jsp , i got error message :
" AddressReport.jasper is not found "

all the *.jasper is one directory.

am sorry if this problem is very easier for u...
thanks for any help...:-)



By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Trying subreport sample in webApp
2002-10-29 13:44


I'm not sure I understand what you mean,
but I'll try to gice you some hints:

1) You have to compile the 3 xml files in order
to produce 3 .jasper files.
This could be done in the same class calling
3 times the compileReportToFile() method.

2) When filling the reports, you call the
fillReportXXX() method only on the
MasterReport.jasper file. Not on all 3 .jasper files.
It is the master report filler that will load the
other 2 .jasper files at runtime.

The problem is that the master filler does not find
the .jasper files for the subreports.

If in the report desing you have wrote:
you have to make sure you add the directory
containing the .jasper files to the classpath of
your application.
In web environment, this is not trivial,
so a different approach should be used.

Check the "webapp" sample to see how the image
present on that report is located.
The base directory for the image is passed as
a report parameter.
Things should be the same with subreports.

The JasperReports Ultimate Guide explains these
things better.

I hope this helps.
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