staticText and isStretchWithOverflow

By: Corey Puffalt - yeroc
staticText and isStretchWithOverflow
2002-10-09 09:51

Could the isStretchWithOverflow attribute be added to staticText? Or, even better, in my mind, would be to get rid of staticText altogether and change the definition of textField so that it can contain either a textFieldExpression or text: (textFieldExpression | text)? Is there any reason this couldn't be done? It seems this would be clearer...?

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: staticText and isStretchWithOverflow
2002-10-09 11:47


Well, why don't you just use textField instead
of staticText?

There is no reason for changing the definition
of text fields, because you can create a "static"
text field like this:

<textFieldExpression>"My static text"</textFieldExpression>

I hope this helps.
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