Date pattern problem ?

By: Thys de Wet - vattern
Date pattern problem ?
2002-09-30 02:17
I have a date in my Database (Oracle 8.1.7) stored as a DATE type. I use a pattern to format it as yyyy/mm/dd. The date in the db is 1997/10/01. On my report this displays as 1997/09/30.
Any ideas ?

By: Benjamin Lim - benlim
RE: Date pattern problem ?
2002-09-30 02:28
I am not an expert at JasperReport. But If I am not wrong, it could be due to Java's date issue. Take a look at Java's API regarding date.
Month January starts with 0.

Hope it help.
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1 Answer:


I'm having the same problem after update to version 3.0.


If I check the report on iReport it gives me the correct date and time, but when I use the same report on JasperServer it gives one day and one hour less...


For example, if I check for a row with a date like 29/08/2008 and time 9:50:01, in iReport it shows correctly, but when I upload the jrxml to jasperserver and execute it, it gives me the 28/08/2008 date and 8:50:01.


Any ideas??


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