Netbeans / xerces.jar issue in 0.4.1.

By: Albert L. - looks
Netbeans / xerces.jar issue in 0.4.1.
2002-09-27 20:41
xerces.jar distributed in 0.4.1 project zip caused problem within
Netbeans IDE. Running any java program linking to JasperReports
within the IDE will cause illegal operation. Windows or
Netbeans will not crash, only that program linking to JasperReports
will not execute and shows the illegal operation message.

However, the same program linking to JasperReports runs fine
when started from command prompt (using all jars as distributed
in 0.4.1) which produce report output.

On the other hand, replacing xerces.jar that is bundled with 0.4.0
into the current release runs programs linking to JasperReports
without any problem, both within Netbeans, and from command prompt.

So, I think that narrows down to the current xerces.jar. in
JasperReports 0.4.1.

Just like to check with anyone who also use use Netbeans having
the same problem.

OS : Win98
Netbeans : 3.3.2
Jdk : 1.4.0

By: Albert L. - looks
RE: Solved. Lastest xercesImpl.jar is ok now.
2002-09-28 03:11
The latest xercesImpl.jar from Apache Xerces-J 2.2.0
distribution seems to solve my problem. I'm able to
run my reports sucessfully, starting the program from
both Netbeans, and on command prompt.
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