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By: Reinhard Achleiter - crazyreini
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2002-12-16 22:39
Is it possible to prohibt that elements will be printed when they are on the last page?

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Last Page
2002-12-17 23:54


I think a trick like this will help:

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3 Answers:

The original message in this post is very old and the solution link leads to a forum that is "private". But since I'm at this problem now, I need to know the way to do it. Can anyone help me please? How do I print something only on the last page? And I mean the "background" band, not the "last page footer"...

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after many years, I'm still trying to figure out how to do this.

Has anyone solved this?


printWhen (OnLastPage), while in the background.


I still don't understand why we could not have a PAGES variable that knows how many pages in the report, or ON_LAST_PAGE or something, all these "solutions" involving stuffing things into the report parameters map are just awkward.

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The way I do it, is that I print "something" on every page in the background and cover it later. I did not find a way to parametrize it and I gave up. Instead, I'm using additional elements in the "normal" bands to either cover or not cover "something" from the background when the page is/is not the last one.

That's a very dirty solution but it's one that works. You can for example print "something" on the bottom of the background and then add a white, opaque rectangle in the "page footer" section. Set up "print when" expression for the rectangle and it works...


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