Adding metadata to PDF documents

By: Arun Jayaprakash - arunjayaprakash
Adding metadata to PDF documents
2003-02-21 21:18

I am creating a PDF document and sending it directly to an OutputStream object. I need to set viewer preferences and document meta data.

What class/method should I use in JasperReports to be able to do this? I know iText provides this functionality. How do I use this functionality from JasperReports?

Arun Jayaprakash.

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Adding metadata to PDF documents
2003-02-22 00:33


JasperReports is not a PDF oriented library.
Exporting to PDF is only one of the available
So, it does not support all the features that
iText offers.
It support only features that are common accross
multiple output formats.

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