Time of evaluation of subreports?

By: Adrian Jackson - iapetus
Time of evaluation of subreports?
2003-02-20 03:05
I'm trying to use a subreport to display a summary of the report, which relies on building up a datasource as the report runs. Unfortunately, although the datasource is being built up correctly and the subreport runs fine, the subreport is being executed before the main report, with the result that I can't get at the data generated during the processing of the main report. This is happening even though the subreport is in the summary band.

Is there any way of delaying the evaluation of a subreport so that I can use it for this purpose?

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Time of evaluation of subreports?
2003-02-20 06:36


This is a tricky issue, but the
supplied "tableofcontents" sample should be what
you need.

I hope this helps.
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