generating multiple pdf's

By: padmini - padmini
generating multiple pdf's
2003-02-18 05:25
Hi All ,
I have a query which returns multiple records . The pdf is generated fine . But all of them in one pdf file .Is there any way that they be generated saperately . For ex if there are 5 records returned can 5 pdf's be generated


By: Rajan Karunakaran - rkaran
RE: generating multiple pdf's
2003-02-18 05:41
Why not change the way your app is designed. Instead of pulling in all the data with one query, get the distinct values that create your five data sets into a list and modify the query and restrict the result set each time by passing one element from the list at a time during pdf generation.

I think that would be a cleaner way of doing it. That particular functionality is, then, not embedded deep in the middleware (abstracted) layer of your app, but rather out in the open in the app-specific/app-generic layer of your architecture and visible to people (who may know nothing about JasperReports) who may later on be charged with maintaining the app.
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