Online PDF Streaming

By: eric teo - duckizz
Online PDF Streaming
2003-02-10 20:09
hi. I was wondering if instead of displaying html, my JSP can generate a pdf stream and display it online without
1) saving the pdf file onto the server and then redirecting to it or
2) saving the pdf file onto the client side and then displaying it

is it possible ?

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Online PDF Streaming
2003-02-10 23:39


Recent versions of the "webapp" sample do
just that.
They generate HTML and PDF content on the fly,
without need to store files on disk.

Thank you,

By: eric teo - duckizz
RE: Online PDF Streaming
2003-02-11 00:14
okay found it ! =) thanks !
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