strechWithOverflow problem

By: remi - rpeyret
strechWithOverflow problem
2003-02-07 08:42
Another pb ... ;)

When i choose strechWithOverflow, the dimension of my report is increased :( and the report is not displayed in my browser.

Is there any solution ?

By: Rajan Karunakaran - rkaran
RE: strechWithOverflow problem
2003-02-07 09:04
Did you specify explicit widths for the textField elements in your report? If not trying doing so. What happens in that case, I believe, is that a line will wrap down one.

Another alternative is to try and redesign the report with smaller fonts.

By: remi - rpeyret
RE: strechWithOverflow problem
2003-02-09 23:51
Yes, widths are specified but when the contents is too large, it is written on several lines (good), and the width is extended :( (bad)
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