Rotate text Vertically

By: Catalina Ramos - cataandrea
Rotate text Vertically
2003-01-13 10:50

In my report, I have a "vertical text", this is a word with one letter per line. So, the height of the <staticText> is longer than the band, because is a narrow <staticText>. When I compile the xml, I received a warning and I can't view the word in the report. Is there a correct way to do this??

Thanks for any suggestion

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Rotate text Vertically
2003-01-13 23:41


It depends on what you want to do with this text element.

Normally, the elements should not be placed
outside their band limits.
Those elements that go beyond the band bottom
will not be printed.

However, those that go beyond the band top will
get printed (negative Y). This might be your way out. You could ignore the warning in this case.

I hope this helps.

By: Catalina Ramos - cataandrea
RE: Rotate text Vertically
2003-01-14 05:35
Thank you, Teodor. It really works!!!
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