JasperDesign - set methods

By: Chuck Deal - cdeal
JasperDesign - set methods
2002-11-08 09:07
I'm working with JasperEdit trying to add a properties dialog to access the values of an existing report.

I have been using a JasperDesign object to retrieve the values of the loaded report. I am working on the Report Parameters piece of the dialog and I have found that JasperDesign does not have a setParameters method. Is this an oversight or is there another way that I can set the Parameters list.

I haven't gone through the entire object yet, but I guess I expected that every get method in JRBaseReport would have a set method in JasperDesign. Was this a bad assumption?


By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: JasperDesign - set methods
2003-01-14 00:19


Here's a late answer:

You could alter the parameters list using
the addParameter() and removeParameters() methods.

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