Getting data from Multiple tables

By: Muralidhar bp - pmurli
Getting data from Multiple tables
2003-01-12 01:14

What are subreports and how this can be used.
And one more query is ..........
select b.BRANCH_CODE, b.BRANCH_NAME, count(c.customer_id) from TF_PAR_BRANCH_PERSONALIZATION b,
TF_M_CUSTOMER c where b.branch_code=c.branch_code group by b.BRANCH_CODE, b.BRANCH_NAME

THis query gets the data from two tables and is it necessary to use sub reports.
Please help me, it is very urgent.


By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Getting data from Multiple tables
2003-01-13 01:25


If you can retrieve all the data you need in a single
SQL query, using joins like this, you don't
necessarily need subreports.
The actual number of tables joined in the query is
not important. JasperReports is interested only in
the ResultSet.
It can work with only one ResultSet per

Only if you have multiple queries you'll need subreports.

I hope this helps.
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