Line spacing with isStretchWithOverflow

By: Boris Klug - bklug
Line spacing with isStretchWithOverflow
2003-01-08 09:16

I write out a table with data, normaly the data per row is in all fields one line. In some rows, the data can be in one field so big that it wraps into a new line. It does it nicely when I use the isStretchWithOverflow attribute.
The problem is now that the line spacing does no longer fit: The first line of the multi text field is no longer on the same line like the other field. I try to emulate the behaviour using ascii chars:

1) All field are one line:

aaa bbbb ccc

2) Now "ccc" wraps and the base line of "ccc" is no longer in sync with "aaa" and "bbb"

aaa bbbb

The ouput generate pdf files.

Any help?

By: Boris Klug - bklug
RE: Line spacing with isStretchWithOverflow
2003-01-10 01:01
Me again - nobody knows about this problem?

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Line spacing with isStretchWithOverflow
2003-01-10 01:30


I'm aware of this problem.
It's just that it is a very delicate one and did
not find a proper solution yet.
I'll try my best for the next version.

Thank you,

By: Boris Klug - bklug
RE: Line spacing with isStretchWithOverflow
2003-01-13 00:17
Hello Teodor!

thank you for the reply. After reading your Utilmate Guide ( ;-) ), I think I just will use another textfield for the second line which will be removed when empty.
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