Help with Thumbnails/Images

By: Anne Dirkse - dirkse
Help with Thumbnails/Images
2003-01-08 08:45
Hi There --

I am creating a report using Jasper that I just can't figure out how to do properly. The main content of the report is images and descriptions of them. The images are large and take up a full page each in the PDF. I also need to include thumbnails of those image in the beginning of the report. Each page of the report, including the thumbnails page, needs to be sequentially numbered.
I couldn't figure out how to display the same image twice, so I, in blatant disregard of resource conservation and good style, made a subreport that was just the thumbnails, and included that in the other report with the large versions of the images. The problem is, I couldn't then get the pages to line up sequentially, and I always got a blank page at the end of the thumbnails. I have tried working around this and have hit brick wall after brick wall, so I'm hoping that some of you have some suggestions for how I should accomplish this.


By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Help with Thumbnails/Images
2003-01-10 05:00


May I see the reports?
XML and PDF.

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