set variable w/ script

set variable w/ script
2003-01-02 16:44
Hi. I know it is easy. But I'm a stupid and do not know how: In my DB the data A is numeric. When data A is 1, I want show "journal". If data A is 2, I want show "letter" and if data A is 3, I want show "nothing". Please, step by step, how a build it?
sorry, :)..

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: set variable w/ script
2003-01-03 00:04


Let's say your A field is and Integer.

(A.intValue() == 1)?
(A.intValue() == 2)?

Not tested it, but it should work.

Good luck!

By: Chuck Deal - cdeal
RE: set variable w/ script
2003-01-03 05:22
I had to do a similar task. And due to the length of the function I chose to use a Scriptlet over embedding the logic in the XML.

The Scriplet sample was perfect for me to learn what I needed. In the Summary section of that report, you will see a call to a custom function called hello(). This should be all that you need in order to figure out how to use Scriplets.
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