German Umlauts in reports

By: Boris Klug - bklug
German Umlauts in reports
2002-11-28 09:16

first I want to say that JasperReport is great! We get our data out of a PostgreSQL 7.2 database via JDBC (7.3beta driver) and all umlauts are missing when I fill the report. It doesnt matter if I output it on screen, as pdf or html.

Any clue about it? Our other Java programs get the umlauts so I dont think that it is a problem with the PostgreSQL JDBC driver.

By: Boris Klug - bklug
RE: German Umlauts in reports
2002-12-04 01:14
Its me again: The problem seems to be related to PostgreSQL. Now I have written my own datasource and the problem is no longer present - we can print fine umlauts in the report.
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