JasperDesign from file

By: Tzanko - tsanstef
JasperDesign from file
2002-11-20 15:28

I am working on a remote client that would run JasperReport on the server and then visualize it on the client side.
I have not decided whether to use RMI ot HTTP. here is my question:
On the server side I can produce a XML with my report data, or to fillToFili my report. On the client however I have to get a JasperDesign so that I can feed it into the viewer.
So is there a way to get dori.jasper.engine.design.JasperDesign from a xml (not the template but one produced via JasperExportManager.exportReportToXmlFile) and/or from the file produced by JasperFillManager.fillReportToFile.


By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: JasperDesign from file
2002-11-27 23:19


Here's what I think you are trying to say.
You want to generate reports on the server
side, but you are not sure how you can send
them over the network, so that they can be viewed
on the client side.

Now, the report filling process uses a JasperDesign
object as input. But it produces a JasperPrint object
as a result (generated document).
This JasperPrint object is what you see when you
view the final reports.
No matter what the protocol is, you can always
serialize this JasperPrint object to send it over the
You can see this in action in the applets that are
present in the "webapp" sample.
Another approach would be to export the generated
reports in XML format using the JRXmlExporter and
send this XML content to your client.
On the client, you can use the JRPrintXmlLoader to
recreate the JasperPrint object and view it.

I would not use the XML approach because the
XML format produces sometimes huge files that
you will have to parse it again on the client side.

I hope this helps.
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