Problems with columns

By: Victor Amano Izawa - victorsjc
Problems with columns
2002-11-14 04:05
Hi everybody,

I need a little help. My problem is that:
I need to build a report with 2 columns, and I've 3 groups and 3 group's header, but I don't want to use the column's header.
The problem: When I compile and run a report to PDF, I got a problem. The information is separated in 2 columns but didn't align with my group's header.

See below the example:

group header 1 ID Description <= this is a group'
header 3
2 Test2 <=this is problem!
group header 2
group header 3

ID Description ID Description <= this is
----------------------- form correct!
1 Test 2 Test2

How I can to remove this problem? How I can to align this information with my group header.

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Problems with columns
2002-11-14 13:13


I don't undestand the picture.
If you could make it more relevant so that I could
see what the problem is.

You could send me your PDF.

Thank you,
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