JasperReports and tomcat 4.1.12

By: Matt Bowser - mbowser
JasperReports and tomcat 4.1.12
2002-11-12 12:17
Hi, I just finished getting a swing app to create reports with Jasper and now I am trying to move it to tomcat 4.1.12, but am getting some jar conflicts with the common-*.jars (the tomcat jars are much newer than the jars distributed with JasperReports). Has anyone else had this issue? I am reasonably inexperienced in both Jasper and Tomcat, so I hope this just a boneheaded classpath issue on my part. Any help appreciated.

By: Thomas Richter - hornet_f4c
RE: JasperReports and tomcat 4.1.12
2002-11-13 09:44
I don't know your scenario very well, but I guess you want to use JR from within a webapplication ?? Well in this case, the way to go would be to deploy the jasper libs in the ...webapps/[YourWebApp]/WEB-INF/lib directory rather than the common/lib directory of tomcat.
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1 Answer:

I think I have the same prblem - I don't succeed running webbapplication on tomcat 4 I suggest it's because of digester jar as described in other posts. If You solved this problem please post the answer - how ????????
Thanks in advance
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