Page Header on Summary Page

By: Keith Berman - bobbassen
Page Header on Summary Page
2002-09-05 13:49
I am using both page headers and summary sections in my reports. I just happened to run a report where my summary appeared on the last page, by itself, without the header information.

Is there a way to print the header information on the summary page without a lot of trouble. I can't find it anywhere in the documentation or examples.

Would not the same problem occur on your FirstJasper example if there were a few more records, pushing your summary information onto it's own page?

Thanks in advance!!

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Page Header on Summary Page
2002-09-06 01:51


This is how the summary section acts.

If it fits on the last page, OK, but if pushed to the
next, either by lack of space of by isSummaryNewPage flag,
it is not accompanied by page or column headers or footers.

And yes, when the report has more than one
column, like the FirstJasper, if on the last page
we have a second column started, then the
summary will be pushed to a new page.
That's because the summary section is wide
as the page width and not as a column. See ?

Anyway, someone suggested that if you want
to have a summary section that would be
accompanied by the page and column headers and
footers, you could introduce a dummy group with
a constant expression and use this group footer
section just like a summary section.

I hope this helps.
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