Tomcat stops/crashes after JR viewer executes

I have posted one message yestarday about how to call Jasper Report JR viewer from a JSP page. I got one solution for it and JR viewer is displaying the report, data in its own window not in Browser's window, but the problem is after executing once My Tomcat stops/crashes, then again i have to start the tomcat and so on...Is it a bug? I have given the code for the JSP file that calls the JR viewer.

I will appreciate for any help
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1 Answer:


The solution you got is not good.
Why would somebody want the JRViewer be launched on the server machine???!!!!

This issue appears quite often on the forums, but it would just be a shame to make it an FAQ...

Please take a look at our supplied /demo/samples/webapp application and you'll see how report output could be delivere to the browser in various ways: HTML, PDF and even applet.

I hope this helps.
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