Problem with deploying Jasper report...

By: Uniq - uniq_2002

Problem with deploying Jasper report...

2002-08-25 20:58

Dear All,

I am newer and wanna trying Jasper report. But i had problem when i doing deploying build.xml with ANT.I use jasper report-0.3.3.

my problem are :

(1) when start to create *.jasper and this is from your example. i get this error:

D:\Master\JasperReports\demo\samples\jasper>ant compile
Buildfile: build.xml


Unable to compile with "" compiler.
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException :
Compiling with command line "javac" compiler.
Compile time : 12298

(2) i am trying to create jasper class like example, i get this error when i am deploying

D:\Master\JasperReports\test>ant compile
Buildfile: build.xml


java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: dori/jasper/engine/JRException
Exception in thread "main"
Java Result: 1

For the second problem, i am extract to view the jasperreport.jar and i dont see JRException.class in this jar.

i wanna say thanks for anyone who can help my problem...:-)



By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Problem with deploying Jasper report...
2002-08-27 01:26


The first problem is more like a warning.
You have not copied the "tools.jar" file in the
"lib" directory of the project as stated
in the "" file.
However, as you can see, the report is compiled

As for the second problem, check the classpath.
If you have copied the build.xml file from one of the
samples, make sure you adapt the paths
accordingly, because you moved your "test"
sample up the project tree.
Judging from the paths I see in your message,
here's how the "compile" target should look like:

<target name="compile">
    <java classname="TestApp" fork="true">
        <sysproperty key="org.xml.sax.driver" value="org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser">
            <arg value="-Tcompile"></arg>
            <arg value="-FTestReport.xml"></arg>
                <pathelement location="./"></pathelement>
                <pathelement location="../classes"></pathelement>
                <fileset dir="../lib"></fileset>
                <include name="**/*.jar"></include>

Good luck!

By: Uniq - uniq_2002
RE: Problem with deploying Jasper report...
2002-08-27 21:36
thanks theodord...:-)


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