Exporting report results to the file system

Is there any way to schedule a report such that its output is expported to the file system instead of being stored back in the database?

I'm asking because some of the reports that will be generated will be 40M in size and I don't really want the overhead of
1) transferring this to the DB
2) writing it in the DB
3) retrieving from the DB
4) transferring it from the DB

especially when I could write it straight to the file system and have a web server serve it directly from there.

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6 Answers:

This functionality is not present in JasperServer.

In which way do you intend to use the exported files? Do you need to access them via the web gui or would the files be accessed only directly on the server file system?

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We don't intend to use any of the JasperIntel UI.

All access to JasperIntel is via a WebService.
The generated report files will be served directly off the disk by another Servlet or WebApp.

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I would like to know how did you solve the issue? We have same issue now (using Jasper 3.7).

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Can we do this in Jasper 4.0 ?
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 Was wondering if this was ever implemented. I am looking at Jasper for a new reporting environment and this is one of my requirements. Our goal is to start with community edition and if it works then move to the enterprise version. Today we have some reports that could be served by the Jasper Server UI itself but some others would be required to be in the file system so another application moves it around to other places. 

I know we could write a web service to suck it up elsewhere but the tools we have are really tailored to do file movement (and re-writing them will be time consuming and costly).

Can we extend the server code to do this if it is not a feature?



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The funtionality to schedule reports to an FTP service was added in Jasper Server 4.7 using the new REST API, check the Web Services Guide on Chaper 3 section 3.7.11 http://community.jaspersoft.com/sites/default/files/docs/jasperreports-s...

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