subreport by giving runtime parameter

Hi Admin/Frends,
I give reference to a servlet and also give the parameter value also .E.g
It is working fine but this is hard coding of parameter passing to a subreport.
I want to generate subreports based on the value of the textfield which I hyperlinked to my subreport.
I have one textfield named $F{emp_id}
and in its hyperlinked reference expression I tried to give


so that when masterreport runs whatever value it has in this "emp_id " field ,I can pass the same value to subreport to generate data.
but its showing this


I was expecting to get the runtime value of emp_id field of masterreport.

One can say on the fly subreport generation .

Can anybody tried this thing.
Plz help me in this as soon as possible.

here is my previous query
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i have the same problem. Have you solved this?
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