Passing report parameter to datasource factory met

Hi All, This issue is regarding iReport and JasperServer/Intelligent BUT not JasperReport API. Background Given the maturity of the Jasper family products. I've begun the process of converting all our reporting modules into JasperReport company's existing codes into new factory classes that returns bean array datasource. Problem Basically, I'm having problem figuring out how to create a datasource properties in JasperIntelligent and iReport that allows me to place a report parameter in the "static method to call to retrieve" array of bean set. I understand if I'm to write a java app myself, calling JasperReports API, that wouldn't be a problem. I'll be able to specify the parameters myself, passing the parameters to my factory class and creating the bean datasource, all done before calling the fill API. However, how to do that in iReport and JasperIntelligent (to leverage the built-in report scheduling features). Thanks ! [color=#000080][/color]
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