Example using DOM element as container


Are there any examples where a DOM element is used as a container? The documentation says that this is possible:


  "container": {
      "oneOf": [
              "type": "object",
              "additionalProperties" : true,
              "description": "DOM element to render report to"
             "type": "string",
             "description": "CSS selector for container to render report to."



but none of the ways are working for me:

adv = v.adhocView({
    resource: "/public/viz/Adhoc/Table1",


adv = v.adhocView({
     resource: "/public/viz/Adhoc/Table1",
     container: document.getElementById("container")


I get the error: "An unexpected error has occurred : TypeError: e.ownerDocument is undefined"


And what is the purpose of the "additionalProperties" parameter?



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1 Answer:

This is a known issue targeted for future release.

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