Dynamic Paging based on variable

I am a new Jaspersoft Studio user.  I'm stuck trying to solve a problem.

Below is a mockup of a report.  This report will feed a shipping label printer.

All the data stays the same (client name, Order #, Job Name, etc)

The only change is the page count in the bottom right corner.

I need to adjust the page count with a variable.  For example if I change the variable to 10, jaspersoft spits out a 10 page report.  If I change the variable to 3 then jaspersoft spits out a 3 page report.  Etc...

Ive got the form designed.  I now need help to figure out the dynamic paging based on a variable.  The variable I want to use is $V{PagesRequested}

Can a person with more knowledge help me figure this out?

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1 Answer:

You can supress the pages based on input parameter or by defining a variable(System)  and go the detail or other display bands and using the print when expression to do this.

$V{PAGE_NUMBER} <= $V{PagesRequested} 

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