Dynamic Height problem in Japer List

Hi Team @todd

Jasper list is is not dynamically adjusted on the basis of available content in list.

Example I have a text filed in List and list repeated three time , content in text field is very less then whole three records should be adjusted on one page but here content are adjusted on three pages.

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2 Answers:

Hello devd.danta,


can you try moving the list withinn the detail section instead of the summary one and resize it to fit the section itself?



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Actual problem - suppose there are 2 lists, one in 1st detail band and second in 2nd detail band. Now, if there is some space left in 1st detail band, i want to continue the 2nd list just after the end of first list without space. Right now , second list is starting from next page and there is large unused blank space left in the first page.

More detailed and simple explanation - suppose there are 10 text fields in the first list and all of them are coming empty in one case, so ideally the list should take up zero height, but it is currently not adjusting its height and taking up the whole space for those 10 textfields.

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