how can i wirte the ms sql server sql in query?

for example :

declare @bgdt datetime,@eddt datetime
set @bgdt=@begindate
set @eddt=@enddate

how can i write the sql in jasperreport dataset?

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mrajkuma - 3 months 3 weeks ago

Minor note - if you're hosting these reports on jasper server, you'll need to set the 'language' attribute on the <queryString> element to 'plsql' to support the 'call' keyword, so <queryString language="plsql"; alternatively you can change the sql validator on the properties file on jasper. If the 'langauge="plsql" approach doesn't work, look into the validator. 

darth_fader - 3 months 3 weeks ago

1 Answer:

Move your code into a stored procedure then use a data adapter with plsql language.  That plsql language is not just for Oracle but it works on sql server too.  When you change the SQL language a new default parameter is created as $P{ORACLE_REF_CURSOR} which holds the result of the procedure.

Here is an example of how to call a stored procedure:


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