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I have a report with a list component in entire detail band. Inside that list I have my design. In my list array data contains some countries information in each object. So, I want to display each country's data on a different page. (i.e... If country1 data is completed in one and half pages, then country2 data should display starting from the third page.)

1. I have tried with the frames with extra height. But it is causing an extra blank page at the end of the report. if last country data have content at the page end.
2. So, I tried with the page break component in the main report. but no results, it not showing effects.

Can anyone find the solution for it? Please drop your solutions.

Thank you in advance.

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Thank you for posting to the Jaspersoft Community. Our team of experts has read your question and we are working to get you an answer as quickly as we can. If you have a Jaspersoft Professional Subscription plan, please visit for direct access to our technical support teams offering guaranteed response times.

mrajkuma - 4 months 1 week ago

@sshila - can you please post your JRXML file so I can review it and provide some suggestions.

ameyers - 4 months 1 week ago

Regarding the extra blank page from your #1 approach - you may need to remove extra white space in your bands and double check to ensure you don't have any 'extra'/empty bands defined with any height. That 'extra' white space is frequently the cause of the extra-blank-page problem. For instance, if you used the 'create new report' wizard in studio, you'll get an empty, yet height-defined/present summary band'. 

If you've already addressed 'extra' empty bands and whitespace without success, if you add your JRXML I will review. Good luck!

darth_fader - 4 months 1 week ago
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