Problem running post-install step

Hi guys,

currently I'm using Jasper Server 7.5 to learn how to make reports and it works very well. I wanted to install new 8.2 version but first I wanted to try how it works and then move everything what I have to newer version.

I made a clean install VM with VMWare. There is totally clean installation of windows. When I install jasper server I got error and I totally don't know what to do... Any tips?

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I have the same problem, 

i have disintall all 8.0.0 and try to install 8.0.2 but I didn't succeed, 

erika.chinchio - 4 months 2 weeks ago

Same problem.

Fresh Windows 2019 installation and try to install Version 8.2 results to this error.

sebastian.herzog - 4 months 2 weeks ago

Thank you for posting to the Jaspersoft Community. Our team of experts has read your question and we are working to get you an answer as quickly as we can. If you have a Jaspersoft Professional Subscription plan, please visit for direct access to our technical support teams offering guaranteed response times.

arai_4 - 4 months 2 weeks ago
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I used Microsoft OpenJDK 16 and it works. Didn't work with  MS OpenJDK 17.

phong_1 - 4 months 2 weeks ago



Can you please share the installation logs to help us better understand the issue? You will find the logs under the installation directory of the binary installation. 

abhujbal - 4 months 1 week ago

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I'm attaching installation.log

Binary Data installation.log820.68 KB
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Thank you for attaching the file. Can you please let me know what version of Java/jdk you have on the server on which you are installing the Jasperserver? If you do not have any JDK installed, please try installing Java 11 and let us know if the JAsperserver gets installed properly. 

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I install  JDK 11 and the installation finally completes successfully

than I try to install openjdk instead JDK 11  but I have same error 

It is mandatory install JDK 11?



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With JDK 11 installation of JasperServer completes without error but it still isn't working properly - now I can't connect.


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