How do i export the following formula when i export to .XLSX

Hello Everyone, 

I am trying to export the following formula in a cell of a paginated .XLSX file. However, when i export the report and then try to open the .xlsx file, that comes with errors and the pages which contain the formula are blank. 

The strange thing is that when i export to .XLS the formula is placed properly. 

The formula mentioned is this =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&$K$3:INDIRECT(ADDRESS(3,COLUMN()+J3))&"'!"&"K:K"),C6,INDIRECT("'"&$K$3:INDIRECT(ADDRESS(3,COLUMN()+J3))&"'!"&"I:I"))). 

It does make the sumif from multiple sheets of the workbook. 

Any ideas? 


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2 Answers:


Not sure what exact error you are getting while exporitng into .xlsx format.
But seems that for .xlsx format you need to change the formula.
The formula for .xls and .xlsx is slightly differs that why for .xlsx format you might be getting blank.

Try using & instead of & in formula to export in .xlsx format.

For more details you can refer to below article.

Hope this will help you.

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You are a genius! The replacement of & with & worked!

However, it doesnt calculate at once. I have to Ctrl+X the formula and paste it in the formula bar again in order it returns results. 


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