The connected library in CVC does not work.

JasperReports server 8.0.0
Jaspersoft studio 6.20.0

Connected the jQuery v3.5.0 libraries and
Created cvc.
Completed the compilation build.js
It works in Jaspersoft studio.
I export it to the server, but it doesn't work here, the plug-in library w2ui is not added.

The problem is adding the wrapper:

wrap: {
        start: "(function(root){\n\nvar define = root.define;\n\n",
        end: "\n\n}(typeof __visualize__ != 'undefined' ? __visualize__ : (typeof __jrio__ != 'undefined' ? __jrio__ : window)));"
If add this wrapper, it will not work in Jaspersoft studio and JasperReports Server.

If the wrapper is not added, it will only work in Jaspersoft studio.


    baseUrl: '',
    optimize: 'none',
    paths: {
            'jquery': 'jquery350min',
            'w2': 'w2ui-1.5.min',
            'custom': 'custom'
    optimizeCss: 'standard.keepLines',
    keepAmdefine: true,
    wrap: {
        start: "(function(root){\n\nvar define = root.define;\n\n",
        end: "\n\n}(typeof __visualize__ != 'undefined' ? __visualize__ : (typeof __jrio__ != 'undefined' ? __jrio__ : window)));"
    name: "custom",
    out: "custommin.js"
my module:

define('custom', ['jquery', 'w2'], function($) {
        var counter = 1;        
        return function (instanceData) {    
            const series = instanceData.series[0];
            const records = addRecid(series);
            const columns = createColumns(series); 
            creatediv(instanceData,, 'main');
            function creatediv(instanceData, elemntId, name) {
                const newDiv = document.createElement("div");
       = name;
       = "width: 100%; height: 100%;";        
            function createColumns(records) {
                  const columns = [];
                  for (var key in records[0]) {
                    if (records[0].hasOwnProperty(key)) {
                          columns.push({ field: key, text: key, size: '33%', sortable: true, searchable: true });
                  return columns;
            function addRecid(records) {
                   const newrecords = [];
                   for (var i = 0; i < records.length; i++) {
                    const record = records[i];
                    record.recid = counter++;
                  return newrecords;
            $(function () {
                name: 'grid',
                        show: {
                            toolbar: true,
                            toolbarDelete: true
                        columns: columns,
                        records: records

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2 Answers:


Please try to use latest studio 8.x.x version and give try adding wrapper and check if it works in Jaspersoft studio.
Without wrapper added - What error you see in jasperserver.log file on JasperReports Server.
Looking at error log might help us to narrow down this.

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There are no server-side errors in the log file. Errors only when trying to use the functions of the connected libraries. I am applying 2 projects with different libraries. Errors manifest for w2ui. There are no errors for Grid, but it does not work properly.

Tested on versions of jaspersoft studio 6.20.0, 6.20.1, 6.20.3.

Tested on jasperreports server versions 8.0.0, 8.1.1.

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