What is the CDATA for DatasetParameterExpression in java.util.List


I need to implement multi select option for the parameter "member id"

Query for table

R4 is my dataset.

Please help


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2 Answers:


From error it looks like there is error while evaluating parameter $P{memberid}.
Not sure what expression you configured for this parameter but seems that you have an issues with your expression.
We kindly request you test the report in jasperstudio before deploying to jaspersever.

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The CDATA is the syntax used in XML to escape entire portions of of XML, and it has nothing to do with the error you are getting.

To understand exactly what's the problem with your expression, we would need to check the full stack trace (or test your report in Jaspersoft Studio, as suggested in the previous answer). I don't see any syntactical error (in other words your jrxml is ok), but it could be that the type of the parameter memberid defined in the subdataset is not of type java.util.List (which is how the parameter is defined in the main dataset).



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