Hyperlink to Subreport from Report and Dashboard


I defined a Report with a Subreport via Hyperlink and deployed both to the JasperServer.

Everything is working fine when I run the Report and start the Subreport from the Report.

I also defined a Dashboard including the above Report.  When I try to call the Subreport from the Dashboard, I get an error that the resource cannot be found.

I figured out that when using the Subreport from the Dashboard, the full path to the Subreport must be specified, whilst when calling the Subreport from the Report the top part of the path is automatically added.

How can I get this to work from the Dashboard AND the Report?  I can only add one path in the Hyperlink, thus either it works from the Dashboard or from the Report.


  • from Report I need path: "/reports/Subreport_Details"
  • from Dashboard I need path: "/organizations/Test/reports/Subreport_Details"


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Hello Michael,

Please provide me the jasperserver.log(jasperserver-pro/WEB-INF/logs) file and the export of the report with legacy key option. 

akkhedka - 5 months 5 days ago

2 Answers:

Hello Michael,

It appears that your subreport and report are placed in same organization and dashboard is placed in different organization. Please give a try by adding dashboard, report and sub report in same organization. I hope this will help you.



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Thanks for your answer, but all three parts are in the same Organization:

Subreport:    /organizations/Level1/SDM/reports/Subreport
Report:        /organizations/Level1/SDM/reports/Report
Dashboard:    /organizations/Level1/SDM/dashboards/Dashboard

Hyperlink from Report:        /SDM/reports/Subreport
Hyperlink from Dashboard:    /organizations/Level1/SDM/reports/Subreport

The issue seems to be related to using a different way of constructing the hyperlink from Reports and Dahsboards:

For Reports the top level (/organizations/Level1) is added automatically, whilst for Dashboards the full path is required.

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