How can I update my Jasperreports server from 8.0.0 to 8.1.1

Jasperreports was installed by .run file

  1. I tried updating it by following the instructions in this link( by .bin file) :
  2. I also attempted to update it by doing a full install of version and copying files from my old installation directory to the new one. These files included:
  3. I was trying to move /opt/jasper-server-cp-8.0.0/apache-tomcat /opt/jasper-server-cp-8.0.0/postgresql to jasper 8.1.1
    However, none of these attempts were successful.'s picture
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1 Answer:


Please download the "" from After downloading the zip file, please refer to the release notes for steps on how to apply the sp patch.

Thank you!

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