how to open access to jdbc_datasource

hello, I saw a way to specify the desired database in the url, but this method did not work for me, then I read that it may be necessary to open access to this parameter, but I do not have the "Security Management tab anywhere

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1 Answer:

Using the attributed data source feature you can include attributes from the user to make the data source point to different databases for each user.

- You need to add the database name as an attribute to the user. (Chapter 2.4 in the admin guide linked below)
- You need to have the attribute referenced in the data source. (Chapter 4.1 in the admin guide linked below)

Check out the Administrator Guide ( for information on how to do this.

Using token based security, this can be passed in via the URL.  See the Authentication Cookbook (, Chapter 6, to see how to do this.



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