Domains - Joins with fields of type Binary not possible ?


(reposting my previous question)

I am trying to join two tables in a Domain based on two fields that are of type "binary" in both tables.  But I don't see any field at all of type "binary" in the selection lists.

I created other Joins succesfully, and all is working fine for those fields.

Is anything missing in my setup, or can this be configured?  DB is MS SQL.

Is there any other way to achieve this, if I don't see these fields?

Thanks, Michael

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1 Answer:


Unfortunately, binary data types used in a domain are not current supported. If you wish to see this feature potentially implemented in a future release, you can submit this idea to the ideas portal. This will be done by using the new Jaspersoft Ideas Portal that was developed by our Product Management team. This will be a more effective way for you to interface directly with our product team and see the status of your enhancement ideas.


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