Jasper Excel export with Collapse?

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Is it feasible to export an Excel file with the outline Collapse option?

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I am glad to see your reply and it would be great if we have a solution to the request.

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1 Answer:


Please find the below-attached wiki article only covers the expand/collapse feature in a report Excel output.



The ".export.xls." property node indicates the scope of the setting applies to exported xls output format only.

There are no similar settings at the report level since the JasperReports engine (JRL) needs the entire data set to fill the report content before the "expand/collapse" filter can be applied. This operation cannot be carried out at the report creation level but at the export level.

However, JRL does not support the "expand/collapse" feature for other report export formats but the xls (refer to "JasperReports - Configuration Reference (version 6.17.0)" document "Report Export" section)


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