Jasper Report Server Bundle - 404 error after install

Hello Folks,

i downloaded the server bundle and install it, but i cant use it. i always get an 404-error. The tomcat-server is avaibale under the URL: http://localhost:8081, but the JasperServer he cant find.

I attached the Install-log and the log from the tomcat server. Could you help me ?




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1 Answer:


As per the attached log error, it seems that it is caused by below error.

Error clearly says that, keystore files are not available or accessible

Kindly make sure keystore file (.jrsks and .jrsksp) files are present at the home directory of user who installed the jasperserver.

Also, please verify the access for home directory where keystore files resides.


Caused by: org.apache.commons.configuration2.ex.ConfigurationException: Could not locate: org.apache.commons.configuration2.io.FileLocator@569cec3c[fileName=.jrsksp,basePath=C:\Users\stham,sourceURL=,encoding=ISO-8859-1,fileSystem=com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.crypto.utils.Base64SynchronizingFileSystem@75f4703b,locationStrategy=com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.crypto.utils.JrsBasePathLocationStrategy@4358f3c5]


Hope this will help you.

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