Need to download Jasperstudio 6.0

I am looking for Jaspersoft Studio 6.0. I know, it's old, but it's the only version that works with our database. Thank you!

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Thank you very much, everyone! 6.0 worked like a charm and our problem has been resolved. Will try 6.2 in compatibility mode next to see if it will work (my 2020 macbook refused to open 6.0 :) so I had to hunt down an older computer to use.)

Lana.Harman - 6 months 2 weeks ago

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Jaspersoft studio 6.0 is very old version, we tried to search but it's not available on edelivery portal.

We could see studio version 6.2.3 is available on below portal.

If this version is useful for you then you can download it.

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I can also add that Jaspersoft Studio 6.20 can also work in compatibility mode with 6.0. So you can still work on reports built with version 6.0 and deploy to Jasperserver v. 6.0 when using Jaspersoft Studio 6.20.

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